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"The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can't see now will last forever."  2 Cor 4:18" 
Paul Ray  In February of 2008 I visited with Mr. Paul Ray, long time Rye, Colorado resident.  At the time, he was living in the Spanish Peaks Veteran's Center just outside Walsenburg but was as alert and happy to tell a few tales...

Paul Ray on San Isabel Lake and Mines  (4:17)

Paul Ray tells a Funny Tale (2:01)

Paul Ray on Water in the Valley (1:58)

Paul Ray on Creamery and Ray Blvd (1:25)

Paul Ray on his military service (1:36)

Paul Ray on meeting his wife Carol Gilbert (3:00)

Ray Adair  April of 2009 I met with Mr. Ray Adair in his Rye Home.  Ray had done everything from plow roads for the county to jockeying a few horses in the Kentucky Derby (yes, THE Kentucky Derby).  He was a very well known fixture in the Greenhorn Valley...

How Ray came to Rye, Colorado (5:00)

Ray's house burns down  (2:21)

Rye in the 70s and 80s  (1:07)

Ray's pony and the 5 foot snow  (2:38)

Ray's first race  (5:00)

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