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  "The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can't see now will last forever."  2 Cor 4:18  
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Research Sites and Resources
*  Colorado, South of the Border By Ralph C. Taylor  (out of print, sorry)
*  Pueblo, Hardscrabble, Greenhorn  by Janet Lecompte           (link)
Treasure Tales  http://www.thegeozone.com/treasure/colorado/history/index.jsp
Pathbreakers and Pioneers of the Pueblo Region      (link)
*  Historical Colorado State Highway Routes  http://www.mesalek.com/colo/r180-199.html
Anza and Cuerno Verde: Decisive Battle, by Dr. Wilfred O. Martinez  http://escritorio.8m.com/books/anza/anza_2nd_ed.htm
*  Diary of Governor Juan Bautista de Anza  http://anza.uoregon.edu/anza79.html
*  National Register of Historic Places (Pueblo County) http://www.nationalregisterofhistoricplaces.com/co/pueblo/state.html
*  Pueblo Railway Museum  http://www.pueblorailway.org/
*  Bessemer Historical Society  http://www.cfisteel.org/
*  Pueblo County Colorado USGenWeb  http://www.kmitch.com/Pueblo/index.html
*  Colorado Historical Society  http://www.coloradohistory.org/
*  Colorado Preservation, Inc.  http://www.coloradopreservation.org/

Historic Trail Map of Central Colorado  By  Glenn R. Scott  (link)


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